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The Private-Intellectual Debating Society (Pr.-Int. D. Soc.) Community contains records of debating material raised through the despatch of letters and in the answers to those letters.

The Community is open in that anyone who wishes to comment on the material may do so - although not anonymously - but may not post their own material outside of the comments section. Comments are more than welcome, as are indications of other subject areas which the Pr.-Int. D. Soc. may be interested in covering in the future; which will be followed through!

Entries are organised under a reference number as subject heading for letters sent and the same reference number with an ' a ' appended for the replies for ease of cross reference. Where more than one reply is received these will be marked with the appropriate number in brackets (for example 05/11 a (1)). A direct link between letters sent and their replies will also be included at the end of each entry. Debates based upon the letters sent and answers received are not published here. Texts used as a basis for letters will be quoted or linked to depending on length and availability.

The members of the Pr.-Int. D. Soc. appreciate that many of their letters will go unanswered, and debate must be carried out without the input of persons directly concerned with the subjects raised.

The Community is likely to be a low activity one, aside from comments made to the main entries.

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